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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Maersk To Pay US $31.9 Million To Settle Suit Related to Overcharging the Military

So. . .  one of the world's largest global seaborne carriers overcharged the US government for the transportation of containers for the military.  This case demonstrates the importance of comprehenisve contractual oversight, and given the $3.1 million paid to an insider whistleblower, once again illustrates how whistleblower protection SAVES all of us money. (Oh. . . is that a governmental regulation that is actually a good thing?)


Maersk To Pay US $31.9 Million To Settle Suit
Author: H. Butler
JOC Sailings
http://www.jocsailings.com/MaritimeNews/NewsArticleDetail/tabid/74/ArticleId/11606/Maersk-To-Pay-US-31-9-Million-To-Settle-Suit.aspx (accessed 01-04-12)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Law Enforcement and Private Security: NOT the Same Thing

This is not specifically related to port security --- but I can relate personally to the conflict about transitioning from a law enforcement, public safety mindset to a private sector, business security mindset ---- A cautionary report for those in policing who look to a second career in private security:


Exit of Apple's security chief offers lessons for security professionals

by Whit Richardson - 11/08/2011http://www.securitydirectornews.com/?p=article&id=sd201111hVC7Lw

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